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A few sticks of soft vine charcoal.    Masking tape.

Light weight drawing board (foam core)   Spray fixative (any brand).

Kneaded eraser.      Folding TV tray (optional)





EDGMON ART will have available for sale: Kitty Wallis sanded pastel papers in 12” x 18” pads and individual sheets, both grey and white and the new U-Art Sanded Papers 500P and 600P grits, also 12” x 18”.   These are very handy pads for pasteling on location.  If you use other papers, please bring them with you.

















More information the new Easel/box designed by Susan is at or

Paints & pastels not included for display only.    Patent pending






If you are an experienced painter, bring your favorite palette and colors.  All artists grade brands of oil paints are good.  Mr. Handell uses the following colors and brands:



Winsor &  Newton:

Titanium White   Viridian Green   Alizarin Crimson Permanent

Naples Yellow   Burnt Sienna   Raw Sienna

Cadmium Yellow Light  Cadmium Orange  Ultramarine Blue

Cadmium Yellow Deep  Cadmium Red Light  Raw Umber

Yellow Ochre   Cobalt Blue   Terra Rosa

Grumbacher Finest: Thio violet (optional)    





A large assortment of brushes is recommended. Two or three of each size: numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.

Your choice of brights*, flats (sable), rounds, or filberts (bristle)*.


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