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Text Box:   This is a handpicked Terry Ludwig set that we call “Pastels that Pack a Punch”  
Item # TL 45PPP
45 colors for $135.00
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 Item E1 Oil


This shows the box set up for use with watercolors.  It is designed to be used right or left handed depending on where you stand in reference to the box. There is a large surface to hold the paper as well as a large area to hold your palette and water bucket.  The total working space is 607.50 square inches. (4.22 SQ feet)  Open view shows that working space was not sacrificed.

I use my box for pastels and watercolor at the same time, so I Velcro the (Item # E 15)  palette to the box during transit. 


The Edgmon Field/easel box is 16“  wide X 13 1/2“ high X 4 3/4“ deep in closed position (including knobs).  It fits into a backpack or in carryon luggage.                           $425.00   

Weighs 7.4 lbs.                      Opens to 28 1/2”

Item # E1   Backpacker gold edition (We have these in stock ready for shipment.)  Holds canvas up to 20” High with unlimited width  Paints not included

Item # E1 OIL                   9.0 - 9.4 lbs                                                                              

16” X 13 1/2” X 6 1/2” deep (including knobs)       

Opens to 28 1/2”                      $450.00

This is the same great design as the backpacker except the storage boxes are deeper to accommodate the larger paint tube and the jars of thinner and medium.  Holds canvas up to 20” X unlimited width


There is a masonite panel in the center box to be used as a support for paper palettes and/or as a palette.


We have these in stock ready for shipment.              

 Paints not included