Text Box: The Edgmon Easel/Box is setup for pastels and watercolor but is great for oils, acrylics .  Also, we build a version of this box that has deeper boxes deeper for oils and acrylics. (pg 3) There is a covered paper/canvas storage compartment in the closed position.  The easel back is fully adjustable from 90 to 180 degrees.  This allows you to lay flat to watercolor.  The slider bars are adjustable to allow height adjustments for paper or canvas and flip to become a wet paint carrier.   In addition to built in brush & pencil holders, there is a center compartment in the base that holds, keys, etc. while on location.  It works wonderful for travel and field use.   Memory foam inserts hold everything in place.   Brass corners protect box.  Standard tripod plate is attached to all boxes.  A bungee attached to the buckle closers will hold paper towels.  It is made of sturdy Alder wood, sanded, stained and sealed. 
It is completely self-contained.  Each is a box is a work of art.  Extremely easy and fast to setup.

Item # E 14 Leather Shoulder Strap      $30.00                 Item #  E11  Slider extenders      $35.00       
These boxes are made at our woodshop in beautiful Northwest Arkansas.  
We have these in stock and ready for shipment.                  Item # E15TRI   Tripod              $129.00              

PATENT PENDING #                   MADE IN USA              Paints and Pastels not included
Text Box: Item# E13 Watercolor Palette   $28.99



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Patent Pending


The Edgmon Easel/Box is 16” wide X 13 1/2” High X 4 3/4” Deep in the closed position

(including the knobs) it fits into a backpack or in carry on luggage

Weighs 7.4 lbs.        Opens to 28 1/2”    we sell a rolling backpack for this box $70.00

Item #E1 Backpacker Gold edition                                  $ 425.00

Holds canvas up to 20” High with unlimited width


Item E1 Medium is 19 1/2” wide X 15 1/4” High X 4 3/ 3/4” Deep

Weigh 8.4 to 9.2 lbs.           Opens to 35 1/2”             $ 475.00

Holds canvas up to 22” high with unlimited width.

We have these in stock ready for shipment 

Built by Artist for Artist               Made in USA              Patent Pending